Critical Issues

Additional Campaign Efforts 

Our campaign is centered around addressing critical issues that affect every Oregonian: homelessness, affordable housing, education, and the urgent need for bi-partisan cooperation in our legislative processes. We believe that by transcending party lines and collaborating on effective solutions, we can bring about meaningful change and improve the lives of those struggling in our society.

Homelessness :

Our top priority is to address the homelessness crisis plaguing our nation. We recognize that homelessness is a complex issue with a range of contributing factors. Our comprehensive approach seeks to: Increase funding for homeless through shelters and transitional housing programs to provide immediate relief to those without a home. Advocate for mental health and addiction support services to tackle underlying issues that contribute to homelessness. Collaborate with local governments and non-profit organizations to create affordable housing initiatives that offer stable, long-term solutions. Promote job training and employment programs to empower individuals to rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society. Develop initiatives to address the unique challenges faced by homeless veterans, ensuring they receive the support they deserve.

Affordable Housing:

Affordable housing is a fundamental right, and we are dedicated to making it accessible for all Americans. Our plan includes: Create incentives for investing in the construction of affordable housing units in both urban and rural areas to meet the growing demand. Encouraging public-private partnerships to expedite the development of affordable housing projects. Supporting policies that incentivize landlords to offer affordable rent options. Exploring innovative solutions such as community land trusts and cooperative housing models. Zoning reform to include additional resources and areas of rural communities to develop affordable housing solutions. 

Bipartisan Legislation:

We firmly believe that bi-partisan collaboration is essential to make meaningful progress in Congress. As a non-partisan candidate, our commitment to working across the aisle includes: Engaging in open and respectful dialogue with members of both major parties to find common ground. Focusing on evidence-based policies that prioritize the greater good over partisan interests. Seeking compromise without compromising our core principles and values. Promoting transparency and accountability in the legislative process to build trust among constituents.


Our commitment to improving the districts educational standards includes: Advocating for education-related legislation and policies. Securing increased funding for schools and educational programs. Engaging with the community to understand their education needs. Supporting teachers with competitive salaries and professional development. Promoting access to quality education for all students. Addressing school infrastructure needs and safety concerns. Creating partnerships and securing grants for educational initiatives. Advocating for education equity and addressing disparities. Monitoring education policy implementation and effectiveness. And Supporting STEM education for future job opportunities.

Our campaign stands as a beacon of hope and unity in a divided political landscape. We are committed to addressing the urgent challenges of homelessness and affordable housing while working tirelessly to foster cooperation and bipartisanship in Congress. With your support, we can build a better future for all Americans, where every individual has access to a safe and affordable place to call home. Together, we can create lasting change and build a stronger, more inclusive nation for generations to come.