Protecting Oregon's indigenous peoples 

As a candidate for Congress, Andrew Aasen is deeply committed to advocating for the rights, well-being, and prosperity of Oregon Native American communities. If elected, he will focus on the following key strategies to support Native Americans in the state:

1. Cultural Preservation and Recognition: Andrew Aasen recognizes the rich cultural heritage and history of Oregon's indigenous tribes. He will work to ensure the preservation and recognition of their traditions, languages, and customs, empowering Native communities to maintain and celebrate their unique identities.

2. Consultation and Collaboration: Andrew Aasen believes in the importance of meaningful consultation and collaboration with indigenous tribes in shaping policies that directly impact them. He will actively engage tribal leaders and representatives to understand their needs, concerns, and aspirations, incorporating their perspectives into legislative decisions.

3. Healthcare and Education: Access to quality healthcare and education is critical for the well-being and advancement of indigenous communities. Andrew Aasen will support initiatives to improve healthcare services and educational resources on reservations and in indigenous-populated regions. He will work to address disparities and ensure equitable opportunities for Native American students.

4. Economic Development and Employment Opportunities: Andrew Aasen aims to foster economic development and job opportunities in indigenous communities. He will support initiatives that encourage investment in tribal lands, promote entrepreneurship, and provide access to vocational training and skills development.

5. Environmental Stewardship: Indigenous tribes have a deep connection to the land and are often at the forefront of environmental conservation efforts. Andrew Aasen will work to protect and preserve their ancestral lands and natural resources, supporting sustainable practices that benefit both the tribes and the environment.

6. Treaty Rights and Sovereignty: Andrew Aasen understands the significance of honoring treaty rights and upholding tribal sovereignty. He will be a strong advocate for protecting the rights of indigenous tribes, defending their self-governance, and supporting their efforts to address issues within their communities.

7. Addressing Social and Economic Disparities: Andrew Aasen is dedicated to addressing the social and economic disparities faced by indigenous communities. He will support programs aimed at reducing poverty, improving access to housing, and enhancing infrastructure in tribal areas.

8. Criminal Justice Reform: Andrew Aasen will work to reform the criminal justice system to address the disproportionate impact it has on indigenous communities. He will support efforts to improve policing, ensure fair treatment within the legal system, and invest in restorative justice practices.

By championing these initiatives, Andrew Aasen aims to build a brighter and more equitable future for Oregon's indigenous peoples, empowering them to thrive and prosper as integral members of society.

Tribes of Oregon

An online database and resource that connects you to tribal foods and products throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho to help increase tribal food sovereignty and tribal economy.