Political Values

Core Political Values 

1. **Non-Partisanship:**

Andrew Aasen aims to promote a non-partisan approach to politics, focusing on solutions and policies rather than strict adherence to party lines.

2. **Transparency and Accountability:**

Andrew Aasen values transparent and accountable government, advocating for open and accessible political processes.

3. **Electoral Reform:** 

Andrew Aasen is in support of electoral reform, including efforts to improve the election system, increase voter participation, and reduce the influence of money in politics.

4. **Fiscal Responsibility:** 

Fiscal responsibility is another principle of Andrew Aasen, with a focus on balanced budgets and responsible financial management.

5. **Social Equality and Justice:** 

Andrew Aasen is committed to social equality and justice, supporting policies that promote fairness and equal opportunity.

6. **Environmental Stewardship:** 

Andrew Aasen brings an emphasis on environmental issues, including sustainable practices and policies to address climate change and protect natural resources.

7. **Independent Thinking:** 

As the title suggests, Andrew Aasen values independent thinking and encourages candidates to base decisions on principles and evidence rather than rigid ideologies.