Your Candidate

Andrew Aasen

Hello, I'm Andrew Aasen.

A proud Oregonian, deeply rooted in the values of Reedsport, the Willamette Valley, and Bend. I've spent a lifetime immersed in the fabric of our community, fostering a genuine connection to the heartbeat of our state.

With a background as a business owner and substitute teacher, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of education and entrepreneurship. These experiences have shaped my commitment to progress and community well-being.

Currently serving as the director of zone 5 for the Deschutes County Soil and Water Conservation District, my role allows me to advocate for responsible stewardship of our natural resources—a responsibility I wholeheartedly embrace. My service on various district boards reflects my dedication to fostering positive, collaborative change.

As an elected official, my vision for Congress revolves around amplifying the voices of our residents. Through targeted policy initiatives, I aim to bridge divides, champion sustainable progress, and promote social welfare.

I extend an invitation for you to join me on this journey towards a more promising future. 

Together, let's craft an Oregon—and a nation—that we can all take pride in.